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We have put up some useful information & documentation in "News & Guides" section of the Etco Portal, please feel free to have a read through.


Etco is New Zealand’s leading provider of electrical apprenticeships and training. We provide employment by placing apprentices with electrical companies and contractors through our group apprenticeship scheme.


Hosting an Etco apprentice means you can leave all the worries about employment, administration and management to us. We’ve been providing industry tradespeople through our group apprenticeship scheme since 1991, so we know how to produce the best qualified electricians and we know how to help your business in practical ways, during busy periods or for bigger projects.

Industry Courses

Etco offers a whole range of electrical industry courses nationwide. These are great courses for qualified electrical workers to refresh their knowledge or upskill themselves. To see our full list of courses available, or to book online click here. For further information or to enquire about courses not currently listed call 0800 275 3826.